Oh, hey. It’s me. And summer.

Long time no talk. Oops!

I am officially done with my second semester of nursing school! It wasn’t the hardest semester I’ve ever had but it was definitely the busiest. I am so glad to have a summer break (aka 12 days off) before starting our next semester, because I think that one is going to be even busier. I learned so much about nursing and gained a much deeper respect and understanding for what it is I will be doing. I think everyone could benefit from being a CNA for a day or two and seeing what it takes to take care of another human body. That is just my opinion, though!

Clinical Group!

These next 12 days are packed with a lot of my favorite things. I started break off by getting a mani/pedi since I haven’t been able to have my nails painted during clinical rotations, and it was the greatest feeling.

Today Zach and I are heading over to Michigan to explore Lansing and see SoMo in concert on Friday night. I am freaking out on both the inside and the outside and I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited for a concert before. I know that I’ve already seen him, but for some reason I didn’t realize just how much I liked him before. I should probably tone it down before Zach gets uncomfortable but I just can’t help it! Haha. I will let you know how (perfect) it is after we go!

The rest of break is filled with family, relaxation, going back to Lawrence, having backyard fires, boating, and hopefully getting a little sun before I put those scrubs back on next week. While it is much shorter than a normal summer break, I am almost thankful that it is shorter because it makes it easier to prioritize the things I want to do, and every day is going to be an adventure.

I am so excited to experience summer in Chicago, even while school is in session. It is already this beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how much life is going to be in this city. What are you doing over these next few summer months? 🙂

Chicago 3


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