Spring Break & Easter Weekend.

So my “spring break” is over. Insert sad quote/multiple crying emojis.

However, last week and this weekend were so good for my mental health. I was able to just take some time to rearrange my apartment, my closet, my schoolwork, and my schedule to really benefit the changes happening in my life. I feel like I am ready to finish out the next 6 weeks in the same strong mindset that helped me start the semester.

Zach and I went to a comedy show on Thursday night called, “Oh, Hello” with a few comedians he finds funny. It was pretty good, but being a Groupon queen, the seats we got weren’t the very best and it was kind of hard to hear everything. However, I always think just the idea of being there and being in someone’s presence makes things exciting and more interesting than if you were watching on television.

The rest of the week consisted of a few wonderful lunch dates, catching up on shows that I had totally forgot about, cleaning (less exciting but necessary!), and basically doing as little schoolwork as possible. I think that last part might be catching up to me right about now, but I do think for mental health purposes that not doing tons of homework was the right decision.

This weekend was great with one big sour spot (aka Saturday night when KU lost in the NCAA Tournament, but we aren’t going to focus on that because I don’t need to talk about how I cried serious, grown-up, big girl tears over a sport).

We spent Saturday going to Float Sixty which turned out to be amazing. The whole concept is that you get into a tub of water filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt and allow it to soothe, detoxify, and calm you for an hour. The salt makes the water so buoyant that you couldn’t sink even if you wanted to. You are totally deprived of your senses since you have earplugs in, basically can’t feel your body since the water is the same temperature as your body, and the room is completely dark, so you can’t see anything. It is a place to be mindful, to reflect, and to just allow your body to relax and it was so cool. We are going back in April and I can’t wait!

We spent the rest of that day going to Mixed Greens (yum!) and an outlet mall about 15 miles away. I say that it is 15 miles away so that I can then say it took us almost an hour to get there and you can understand the only drawback I have found, so far, to living in Chicago. However, it was a really great day, even with all of the traffic troubles.

Last, we had a really nice Easter. We went to the 11:00 church service, had donuts, took a really long nap and then did some homework. I had every intention of making this grand meal, but when we weren’t hungry at 6:00 I decided not to waste the time. Plus, holiday meals are really hard to do for two people, especially when the rest of the week is so busy and you won’t be home to eat the leftovers. All in all, it was probably a good choice.

I am thankful for this Spring break week and weekend and for the ability to celebrate Easter at church and at home. I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend as well!


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