Friday Friends

Today I am trying to feel thankful for all of the amazing things, people, experiences, and opportunities in my life. With this last week having been “spring break” (I put quotes because I have an exam next week which didn’t make this the most relaxing break I’ve ever had!), I was able to spend some time with important people and do things that I have enjoyed. One thing I have heavily reflected on is friendship.

I have made a personal goal to reconnect with the friendships and people that I truly miss. Moving throughout my life has caused my friendships to be different than most that I can see in the lives of my peers, but I appreciate this. Similarly, even this move from Kansas to Chicago has strained a few friendships- some I have realized are better off, but others I don’t view that way. Friendships are so important and valuable. With the stress of adulthood and the strains that it can put on our friendships, it is easy to feel disconnected from those who once felt like family. However, if my childhood has taught me anything, it is that these natural, family-like friendships can be “picked up” right where they left off.

This time of reflection also allowed me to feel so thankful for the friendships that I have. I appreciate phone calls, making new memories, reflecting on old memories, receiving/sending random snapchats when things make me think of someone, lunch dates to catch up on life, study dates, venting sessions, and the unconditional love that I have found in a handful of my closest friendships. I also love the maturity that I have experienced where I no longer judge friendships by quantity but by quality.

What do your friendships bring to your life? What are the key factors that enhance your friendships?

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! Xoxo.


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