Blog Post Changes!

 One of my goals over Winter Break was to come up with a posting plan that would be consistent while not being over the top. While coming up with this plan, I hoped to figure out what the real meaning for the blog would be, and what I wanted to focus the majority of my posts on. I have tried out a few different things over these last few weeks, so I believe I have come up with a posting routine! I’ve spent some time looking at other blogs and seeing what their trends are, and I like the idea of having a consistent “idea” for specific days of the week. I am huge on organization and routine, so this seemed to best fit my life and should be appealing to those interested in reading some categories but not others.

Marriage Mondays
While I am not claiming to be an expert on marriage, it is something that is prominent in my life, my conversations, and my interests. So now each Monday I will post something regarding marriage/dating, how to do it, what to/not to do in my experiences, hopefully some other people’s stories, tricks, fun things to do together, etc. Hopefully this will make Monday a better day of the week!

Travel Thursdays
I want to make sure I never become complacent in this great city of mine. Now, on Thursday I will share my favorite new place I have visited or event I have attended the previous week. Even if you don’t live in Chicago, I guarantee many of my ideas can be replicated in your city!

Food Fridays
Lets be real, this is probably going to be the best day of the week! Friday’s I will compile a post of my favorite family recipes, restaurant meals, and Pinterest finds of the week. I will take one for the home team and make sure to test everything out before I post it! Haha.

Sharing Sundays
On Sunday I want to have somewhat of a free day. This day will be open for sharing thoughts, volunteering, experiences, opportunities, and anything that I may feel is important to me on that day.

Here is the best part! I want to be able to stop sharing my posts on Facebook each day I write one, so I would encourage all of you to follow this blog through WordPress or on BlogLovin. This way you can customize how many times you see my posts, can get notifications each time there is a new post, or get an e-mail once a week with all of the information for that week. Second, I want you to interact as much as you want! Say something looks good, tasted good or didn’t taste good, or share any other opinions, thoughts, or ideas. This blog is nothing without readers, and I really appreciate those of you who take the time to read my posts and provide support.

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