A Few Of My Favorite Things…

All too often I look at the negative side of things, so to be more optimistic in life has been a “New Years Resolution” of mine for countless years now. I find myself constantly comparing what I have, what I want, what I dream of, and what I wish for, to what those around me have. However, I feel like it is so important to remember that all of our different wants are individualized for a reason. This weekend I found myself actually thinking about the things in this life that make me happiest, and I felt a mood shift from being somewhat pessimistic to feeling joyous and thankful. Here is my list, and this week, I challenge you to make your own!

  1. Phone calls with my family, whether they last an hour or a few minutes.
  2. Spending nights at home with my husband playing games, watching Netflix, and talking.
  3. Perfecting a new recipe, whether it be one passed down through family or Pinterest!
  4. Long, calming walks around bodies of water wearing flip flops. Really just any time I can wear flip flops!
  5. Days when I walk out of church feeling thankful, blessed and inspired.
  6. Binge-watching an entire series of my favorite show in one day.
  7. Receiving unexpected messages/texts/letters.
  8. Seeing my friends do well in life, whether it be engagements, school accomplishments, pregnancies, job promotions, or just seeing a great picture where they look happy. Like I said, we need to be FOR each other!
  9. Puppy and kitten cuddles and kisses. I love my fur babies!
  10. Switching to a new wallet, backpack, purse, comforter set, seasonal decorations, etc.
  11. Tis The Season candles from Bath and Body Works.
  12. Spending full days waterskiing and tubing with my family.
  13. Deals. Groupon, Living Social, in-person sales, etc. I love all of them!
  14. Visits to extended family. Whether its seeing my family or meeting new members of my husband’s family, we always capitalize on the time we have together.
  15. Seeing someone sign something in ASL and understanding the signs.
  16. Chocolate everything. Cake, ice cream, chocolate cake shakes (Hey Portillos!), truffles, cookies, all of it. Yum!
  17. Watching KU Basketball – need I say more?
  18. Finishing an entire book in one day, or finishing a book and feeling inspired.
  19. Planning. Whether its through planners, my Outlook calendar, or my daily to-do notes, I love organizing, scheduling, and crossing things off of my to-do lists.
  20. The feeling of a hot shower after a long, long day. And the feeling of shaved legs, but the process is not a favorite thing.

These are a few of my favorite things. I now know that I can incorporate these things into my life and cause every day to be a great day. Are any of these things on your list, or what is it that makes you happy?


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