Thank You, 2015.

I have always loved New Year’s Eve, but I wish I treated every day like it could be the start of any new “resolution”. I used to create a list of specific resolutions for the new year, like losing 20 pounds or finding the love of my life (hello 2010 resolutions!), but I realize now that I am more interested in making a list full of mindsets I want to obtain and feelings I want to feel. A few days ago I saw a canvas saying something about focusing on what you already have rather than trying to always get more. Be friends with those you are already friends with instead of seeking out millions of new friends. If you don’t make time for those already in your life, why are you so desperate to increase that number? It is an interesting concept when you really think about it. However, that is my goal for 2016. I want to embrace what I already have instead of spending all of my time wanting more, more, more. Of course I want to lose weight, but I am approaching it from a desire to feel healthy, to fit a little better into some of my clothes (thanks grandma for Christmas cookies nobody can resist), and to actually find an exercise routine that I enjoy/look forward to. I also would like to succeed in school, grow in my relationship with my husband, focus on friendships, and enjoy this beautiful new city.

However, lets not forget about 2015.

2015 was a really great year. Practically everything in my life changed, and I welcomed these changes with completely open arms. I experienced my first true encounter with defeat by getting denied to a graduate school, but I now know I am where I am supposed to be. I accomplished things that I have felt scared to do for years and I met some really great people. I spent time focusing on my relationship and making changes to help it prosper. I was able to spend quality time with my family that I will cherish forever. It has truly been a great year, and here were some of the highlights:

  1. Spring Break trip to Oklahoma City
  2. Trips to Chicago and Minneapolis for Graduate School Interviews (Shout out to Minnesota for breaking my heart!)
  3. Being accepted to the University of Illinois at Chicago
  4. Graduation from the University of Kansas
  5. Summer trip to Arizona/The Grand Canyon
  6. Boston Trip to celebrate graduation with my Corvias Family
  7. Big move to Chicago
  8. Corvias Summit in Chicago
  9. Start of school and making new friends
  10. Weekend trip to Wisconsin
  11. Two trips to Nebraska to visit family
  12. Ringing in the New Year with new friends 🙂

However, one of the best things of this year was starting my blog. I am STILL overwhelmed and excited about the success I have had. This is so therapeutic for me, and I love being able to document what is going on in life so I can remember as the time goes by.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL New Years Eve and an even better 2016!


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