Celebratory Girls Night!

This semester is officially over. Grades are posted and there is a weird kind of relief that comes from knowing it is out of my hands and that I’ve done all that I can do. Only 6 more semesters to go…!

Last night I celebrated with two friends that I have met this semester, Colleen and Olivia. Moving to Chicago was a fun/scary experience since Zach and I didn’t know anyone. I am so glad to have met the people I have, but I am especially thankful for these two!


After using Uber for the first time (now I am officially a Chicagoan), we started the night at The DryBar which is a cute, girly hair salon. I feel like I always think of getting pampered when I think of celebrating something, so this was perfect for that. We each got our hair done, and even though my curls inevitably fell within like 3 hours, it was a really fun experience.

The rest of the night consisted of dinner at Bottlefork and grabbing a drink at the tiki bar next door, Three Dots and a Dash. The atmosphere at Three Dots and a Dash was really cute from the Tiki/Hawaiian decorations to the cups that we held our drinks.

The different and new places we visited were great, but the company was the best part of the night! In between serious conversation and laughing most of the night, it was the perfect end to a great semester!


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