ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo.

December has typically always been my favorite month; it signals the end of another semester of school, is accompanied by cold weather and grey skies (which I am a HUGE fan of!), and typically allows me to visit my immediate and extended family. Since moving to Chicago, I have wanted to do as many Christmas-like things as possible, and none have disappointed so far!

Last night we went to ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo. We haven’t been to the zoo yet during the day, but it was so beautiful once they turned the lights on and brought out activities like ice carving, cookie decorating, and ice skating. Hearing Christmas music is enough to make a situation feel festive to me, but all of these accompaniments made it even better!

Lincoln Park Zoo had one of the prettiest sights of the city that I have seen so far, and I probably looked like the biggest tourist taking so many pictures. I can’t decide if I thought it was a better view during the day or at night, but I know that it was beautiful both ways!


Overall, it was such a pretty, fun day. I can’t wait to experience more of what Chicago has to offer this winter!


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